Dear friends!
Do you know that you have a house in Karelia?

And not only one, but eight, on the very shore of the White Sea. The tourist complex "Prichal" is a warm house where you are loved and expected.

Генеральный директор ООО "Prichal" is the largest hotel complex in the Kemsky district of the Republic of Karelia with 8 cottages. It is very easy to reach Rabocheostrovsk located on the western shore of the Kemsky Bay of the White Sea (12 km from Kem  railway station). And here people do know how to take care of a traveler! In spite of the winds from the White Sea that can sometimes be strong and cold, every visitor meets a warm welcome. You are welcome in any season!

Here you find rare and beautiful northern nature. Harmony is impossible without diversity. In winter, you can enjoy its quiet snowy silence, in spring, everything blooms in 2-3 weeks, in summer it is time of unforgettable white nights, and in autumn, you see the blinding rave of colors. The White Sea used to be called Gandvik by Scandinavian people – the Wizard's Bay. Yes, there is something magic and mysterious here!

Those people who come here for the first time will be pleasantly surprised; those who have been here before will get many new impressions coming here again.

Kemsky district is an ancient center of Karelian Pomor culture. Coming here, you must get acquainted with the local Pomor culture, visit the ancient town center and the Church of Assumption – the architectural monument that is one of the pearls in the necklace of wooden architecture of the Russian North. On the territory of the district, there are preserved corners of nature where civilization has not made its destructive impact. Make a trip with us called "Leap to the Past" to the Kuzova archipelago to the "World of Nature", "World of Spirits" and "World of the Dead". And of course, we would like to invite you to discover the Solovetsky archipelago, commonly known as "Solovki" – the world monument of history, religion, culture and nature. Solovki is unlike any other place on Earth, it is a holy, very Russian place. Even people who are far from religion admit that Solovki is the best part of the Russian North. You will see with your own eyes the islands  fascinating beauty; admire the creations of human hands and spirit, special harmony of humans and nature. The trip to Solovestky islands is an opportunity to get back to the roots and think of one s place in this world.

We would like to share with you the joy of communication with the world of the Russian North. This is a severe and beautiful land. It creates an impression that time is counted differently here and people live according to different calendars.

Choose the tourist complex "Prichal" for your vacation and you will feel right at home on the White Sea in Karelia!

With respect and hope for future cooperation

Founders of "Prichal Ltd."

Vasilenko Vladimir Petrovich

Frolova Valeria Gennadievna

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